The Problem

  • Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) have an enormous impact on clinical practice
  • Over 30% of ICU deaths in developing countries are caused by HAIs
  • Such infections are overwhelmingly due to multidrug resistant organisms

The Need

  • Non-drug approaches to reduce spread of infection
  • Innovation in infection control

Our Solution

  • We combine novel antimicrobial agents and engineering design to develop unique and safe solutions
  • Vastly superior to many existing decontamination methods – Our technology extracts and kills the pathogenic microbes with no harm to humans

How Does It Compare

Our Technology UV Radiation Based HEPA Filter Based Ionization Based
Relative Price Inexpensive Very Expensive Expensive Varies
Safe to use in presence of humans Varying claims
No toxic emission Varying claims

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Core Team

Dr. Janani Venkatraman
Chief Executive Officer

Dr.Janani Venkatraman is the CEO at Biomoneta, where she leads strategy and management. Janani has 15+ years of experience in disease biology, with the past ten years focused on infection drug discovery. Janani was part of the founding team of Bugworks, an innovative drug discovery company focused on solutions for drug resistant infections. Previously, she was a team leader at AstraZeneca India, where she established biophysical technologies for H2L identification and provided scientific leadership.

Janani received a Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics from the Indian Institute of Science and trained as a FRAXA fellow at Yale University, USA. Janani has multiple publications in international journals to her credit.

Arindam Ghatak
Head, Biological Sciences

Arindam heads the Biological Sciences at Biomoneta. He has been deeply involved with multiple technology iterations and grants at Biomoneta since 2014. He has previously worked with Cellworks Research, where he developed an algorithm to decipher the mode of action of a novel antibacterial compound using graph theory. Arindam has also worked extensively in the fields of biochemical engineering, systems and synthetic biology.

Arindam holds a Master’s degree in Biophysics and Molecular Biology from the University of Calcutta.

K.S. Ramanujan
Head, Engineering

Ram is the Head of Engineering at Biomoneta. Ram has been working with cutting edge technologies for over 30 years, and consults in the fields of VLSI, embedded systems and systems biology mathematical modelling. He has also been the Honorary Professor, BITS Pilani, handling IC fabrication technology, VLSI synthesis, DFT and VLSI testing and Analog IC. Previously, he was involved with Cellworks, where he led the Systems Biology computational platform, which powers Cellworks' predictive models of human bio-molecular interactions, and is used to design drugs for Cancer, Inflammation, and Infection. Ram is also specialized in Intellectual Property and served as Director, IP at Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan.

Ram graduated with a Siemens Gold medal as an electrical engineer from IIT, Madras.



Partners & Collaborators


enArka Instruments


Engineering Partner
Industry leader in industrial electronics and power conversion solutions

Indian Institute of Science


Simulations & Fluid dynamics
Prof. Jaywant Arakeri
Prof. Gaurav Tomar




Dr. Santanu Datta


Director & Advisor
CSO, Bugworks Research Inc.
40+ years of global experience in
infection biology

Dr. Anand Anandkumar


Serial Entrepreneur
CEO, Bugworks Research Inc.
20+ years of global experience

Dr. Savitha Nagaraj


Professor, Infection control
St. Johns Medical College & Hospital

Dr. Kaveri Das


20+ years of global experience in infection biology



BIG – Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIRAC)


SBIRI – Small Business Innovation Research Initiative (BIRAC)


Idea2POC (kbits, a Govt. of Karnataka initiative)


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