Here’s how the ZeBox technology works

About Biomoneta

Biomoneta® is an innovation-led healthcare company that creates solutions for germ-free air. Our devices destroy germs in hospitals, clinics, ambulances, laboratories, cleanroom environments, etc., helping arrest the spread of infections and product contamination. A C-CAMP portfolio company, Biomoneta has been supported by the Governments of India and Karnataka and leading Japanese and Indian healthcare investors.


Pandorum Technologies

Pandorum's R&D scale manufacturing unit had an implantable medical device under pre-clinical development and creating a sterile workplace was a mandate. The overall microbial load reduced by approximately 100 times with the ZeBox. This fulfilled our

Dr. Muthu Dhandapani

Senior Manager – Facility,
QA & RA, Pandorum
Technologies, Bengaluru

Rigid Lifeline

We have been using the ZeBox for about 3 months now and we have actually tested it in certain areas of the hospital- the OPDs, ICUs, wards. So, the ZeBox was used for just about 1-2 hours on average and we found that the reduction was about 90% which was amazing.

Dr. Natesh Bala

Vice President,
Rigid Lifeline Hospitals, Chennai

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