The ZeBox™ uses air flow to capture the microbes. As they enter the electric field between the active surfaces, the charged microbes are pulled onto the surface. Once the microbes come in contact with the active surface, they are destroyed immediately. The air outlet releases germ-free air.

Absolutely, yes! An airborne test study funded by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, and conducted by the Centre for Infectious Diseases Research, Indian Institute of Science concluded that the ZeBox™ reduces the SARS-CoV-2 virus with spectacular results; 99.99999% efficiency, i.e. 10 million reduced to 1!

The ZeBox™ works in closed spaces, not open ones. Within closed spaces, there are three air flow scenarios that we see:
  • Scenario 1: No crossflows of air, say an air-conditioned room: Extreme efficiency with near-sterility
  • Scenario 2: Limited crossflows of air, say a room with an open window with a door to another room with low ventilation: High efficiency
  • Scenario 3: Cross-ventilation with open doors and windows: ZeBox™ is not for this environment

The ZeBox™ creates a virtual near-sterile bubble around itself. In a large space (hospital ward, reception area, bedroom, etc.), the device continues to operate effectively within its stated range. It continues to function beyond its stated range, but not at the same efficiency.

The design of HEPA filters is to filter particulate matter, such as dust and pollution. The ZeBox™ destroys germs, irrespective of their size, type or strain. It does not address particulate matter at all as it is a germicidal device.

A UV device is very effective in destroying germs by sending out high-intensity radiation into the air. However, the ZeBox™ is designed to destroy germs in human presence, since it does not change the air.

The ZeBox™ is over 10X more efficient than all known Plasma ion devices.

The ZeBox™ is extremely efficient at air decontamination. It destroys germs in the air and also helps reduce surface contamination. It contributes to reducing infection risk. However, it is not a replacement for other safety precautions that you may be required to follow (washing hands, wearing masks, wearing gloves, cleaning surfaces, etc.).

When following the user instructions, within the first 60 minutes, generally, you can expect an up to 99.9% decontamination of your space with the ZeBox™.

The ZeBox™ is great for air decontamination, i.e., it destroys germs in the air. It cannot destroy germs in the body. However, if you stay within its range, you can choose to protect your loved ones or your caregivers from the germs your body releases.